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Good groom. Good price. Extraordinary care.

A girl brushing a white dog.


Your dog is super special to us and deserves to be groomed based on their personal needs. Trust us to find the products that are perfect for your dog and make sure they leave feeling and looking their absolute best.

  • Shampoo & Condition

  • Shed reducer

  • Brush and blow dry

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear cleaning

  • Custom grooming tie



Refer a friend and save

Our atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed to make your dog feel at home. If you are satisfied with our services, tell a friend and save $5 on your next appointment.


Don't own a dog? No worries! If you refer a friend and can't take advantage of the savings on your own, we'll donate $5 to a local animal charity.

High-quality all natural products

A white dog getting his nail trimmed. A white dog with a girl holding a brush.

Brush and blow dry

Shed reducing treatments

Nail trimming and ear cleaning

Our grooming services include:

A brown big dog is brushed by a girl.

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