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Frequently Asked Questions:

My dog's hair is so matted, and washing

doesn't help! What to do?

Tangles and matting are common, especially for dogs with long and fine hair. Regular brushing is required to prevent build-up and the hair must be "de-matted"  before washing their coat. At Dog-it-tude Grooming Studio LLC, we evaluate the severity of your pet's matting for minimal discomfort to your dog. If necessary, a professional trim or cut is available!

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I have a new puppy, when should I start getting him/her groomed?

On average, you should wait about 12 weeks after your puppy receives his or her initial vaccinations to begin grooming them, but every breed is unique. To assure that your new dog is excited about their next grooming visit, we spend extra time on puppies to keep them calm and comfortable.

It's getting cold out, can I groom my dog less often during the winter months?

Contrary to common belief, dogs should be groomed more frequently in the winter, to help them defend themselves against the negative impact that salt and snow can have on their body.

So how often should I get my dog groomed?

Every breed is different, and some require maintenance more often than others. Call us today for guidance on how often your dog should have a thorough bath, based on their size, and the length of their fur.

Does it matter what kind of products I use?

Absolutely, you want to make sure your dog is being cleaned based on the specific needs of their skin and coat. That's why Dog-it-tude Grooming Studio LLC uses only natural, high-quality products. We have products that are specific for dogs based on their hair color, and/or breed, and we can even cater to your dog's sensitivity and hair length.


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